Las Vegas - 2009

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We hit a piece of a tire on the way up. Left a little ding in the hood and a lot of rub marks.

Stopping in Baker for gas

Passed a convoy on the to Vegas

Getting settled at the Mariott Suites

Big bed with lots of pillows

well stocked (and expensive) mini bar

We had enough room to bring the netbook along for surfing

We spent some time the first night at Ceasars.

We watched a show at Circus Circus.

This guy was awesome on his unicycles!

Notice that there is no frame, just pedals and the wheel.

On to more impressive things

He got up on it unassisted

The offset unicycle

Yes, he rode it quite well

This unicycle was only about a foot tall

Now THAT is a tall unicycle

making laps around the stage


The Sahara, on the way to the Stratosphere