Hummer - Rock Sliders

Time to say goodbye to the steps. No more having to take them off before going wheeling.

Pulling the main step off. Just need to remove the brackets.

Looks nice like this.

Attempt number one. The first set of sliders I recieved had too long of legs.

Nine inches. Should be eight or less.

Attempt number two. Starting with the driver's side since it is the hardest one to put on.

The parking brake cable gets in the way bu

Unbolting the clamp on the parking brake cable in the rear helps. I installed the lower bolt on the rear leg first.

The cable fits into the cutout on the gusset on the front leg. It is pretty snug so using a jack to help line up the bolt holes saved a lot of my own energy.

The cable has a little tension on the middle leg.

Another view of the front leg on the driver's side.

Looks like the length is correct this time

I repeated the same process on the passenger's side. lower bolt on the rear leg first, then the front leg with the jack to assist hold the slider in place.

All done. Just need to give the Hummer a bath.

Spacing looks good

The old set all wrapped up and ready to drop off at UPS.

All cleaned up!

Looks much better.

Ready for my next trip