I used a Belkin FM trnsmitter. It really sucked, especially in the city. I had to keep changing radio stations. Time for something better.
Even with the dash exposed, pulling the wires was a chore. I had to place the FM modulator bleow the glove box. It was the only location that allowed a somewhat easy mounting point. At least the wire harness for the radio has lots of room for me to splice into it.
As always, I tested my connections before closing it up. I initially wanted to mount the dock next the the center vents. This was not possible because the shifter was in the way.
All Done. Luckily, I have extra lighter sockets in the dash, so my Belkin auto adapter worked well.
Little bit of cable dangle, but much better than what I started with.
I hid the FM modulator power switch in the glove box.