How everything looked before the dash was dismantled

I couldn't figure out how to disconnect a the wires from the controls, so I just flipped the panel up and zip-tied it to the roof hatch. Somebody wrote a good howto on for opening the dash.

I connected everything and made sure it works before starting reassembly. Good thing since I didn't have much space behind the radio to place the bluetooth unit. I decided to place it unter the steering column.

Ultimately, the microphone was mounted between the two big gauges. The controller was placed above the shifter mainly because I did not want to drill holes. The cable fit nicely between the console and the chrome trim ring. The mic didn't need holes drilled either.

I dropped the metal plate under the steering column to mount the modules. Ended up being a good idea since this is where the fuses are located. I didn't want to have to pull apart the entire dash to replace a fuse.

The Parrot wire harness reaches to the steering column. If I ever want to remove the bluetooth unit,

Everything all wrapped up and working great.